Pilt: Aivar Pihelgas
How I came to photography?
My family bought me an Pentax Espio 140V when I was about 12 for my travelling's with ballet company and I still love using film cameras. During my studies in Russia, Yacobson Ballet Theatre, I got first digital. It was Sony DSC-W90. I took many pictures about myself, backstage and travelling's with ballet company. When I got Canon 7D, during studied in Tallinn University, my interest in photography became more technical and practical, I started to create accessories for photography. There was a time, when I used Nikon d7000, but system and buttons wasn't for me so I sold it and moved to my first full frame Sony a7RII.  Now I focus on product-portrait-reportage-editorial photography with a secret passion for a nature and documentary.
My inspiration come from nature, animals, folklore, fairy tales, mythology, holidays and life.
"Artell no.1" 2016, ajakiri, p. 33-34, 56-61
"Eesti JA Põhjamaad - Eesti KUI Põhjamaa?" Tartu Ülikooli eetikakeskus, p.92

Haapsalu Linnagalerii 02.02.2019 


16.11.18 UDJA: Current Value Restoran Viktoria
"Loetud hetked" Pilt: "Teisiti lugemine". Pärnu Keskraamatukogu 10.12.2016-02.01.2019 
“Meid kotib” november 2017, Tartu: Omicum, Tartu Ülikool
“Raamist välja linnaruum” 2016 & 2015. Kultuurikatel, Tallinn.
Photography for
DreamARt  unique silkart/Annika Reinik, Killud, 
Noortebänd, Tallinn Design Festival,
Tallinn Architecture Biennale, Tallinn Music Week, Estonian Music Days, 
VegGuru, Tudeng TV,  Tallinn University Photo Club
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