How I came to Elimelart? 
One evening me and my mother were on the street Vanemuise in Tartu. There I wrote two wishes to a small piece of paper because I believed that if I put this piece of paper deep between the rocks in the wall of Vanemuise street, my wishes will come true. And you know what? They are coming true. 
At around the age 4 my mother put me in rhythmic gymnastics because she saw potential in me. Later one ballerina saw it also and invited me to the Theater Vanemuine. My good friends always had been dance, music, acting, drawing, handicraft, writing, philosophy, meditation and imagination. 
Do we choose who we want to be or is it a destiny from the day of creation? Well, actually, some writings can say that there is no such thing as destiny. We can be anyone, we must only imagine. It's not so easy to become someone different in the physical reality, but it is much easier in the fantasy world. Exploring human soul, dreams and thoughts became my passion in my creation of alternative reality.
I got my first digital camera at age of 16. Before that I used mobile phones to shoot . I used to capture everything around me, like ballet school, friends...Besides the digital I return to film, because I find enjoyment in vintage photography. 
From 2018 working as full-time freelance photographer and being mother to my daughter. ​​​​​​​
CreativeLive, Fine Art Conceptual Photography from Shoot through Post-Processing, by 
Pratik Naik & Bella Kotak, December 2019
CreativeLive, Creative Studio Lighting, Lindsay Adler, November 2019
CreativeLive, Fine Art Photography by Brooke Shaden, October 2019
CretiveLive, Local Dodging and Burning for Beauty Retouching, Chris Knight​​​​​​​
IGTV, Fineart_Photomarathon, 14.04.2019-18.05.2019,
"Commercial and product photography" by Eduard Kraft, 08.04.2019-12.05.2019
Marketing webinar with Josh Rossi, 05.04.2019
Expanding your own creativity workshop by Ilona Pulkstene, 23.03.2019
Wokshop by Dmitry Rogozhkin, 16.03.2019-17.03.2019
Portrait in Photography by Dots. Margot Kask (Tallinn University), 2017
Tallinna University, BFA Sound Design & Spanish language and culture, 2011-2018
Narva Estonian Gymnasium 2010-2011
Narva Krenholm Music School, piano, 2004-2011
Tallinn Ballet School, 2002-2009​​​​​​​
Dark Beauty X Fashion Magazine  5.18
"Artell no.1" 2016, ajakiri, p. 33-34, 56-61
"Eesti JA Põhjamaad - Eesti KUI Põhjamaa?" Tartu Ülikooli eetikakeskus, p.92

Exhibition History
03-04 of August 2019, Home Exhibition "Beginning“ Tallinn.
06.02.2019-02.03.2019, Haapsalu Linnagalerii "Sensuaalne fotopuhkus" Haapsalu.
16.11.18, UDJA: Current Value Restoran Viktoria, Tallinn.
10.12.2016-02.01.2019, Pärnu Keskraamatukogu "Loetud hetked" Pilt: "Teisiti lugemine", Pärnu.
2017, Tartu Ülikool: Omicum “Meid kotib“, Tartu.
2016 & 2015, Kultuurikatel “Raamist välja linnaruum”, Tallinn​​​​​​​