Headshot or Creative Portrait

For all who need a classical and real-life portrait as well as creative series: entrepreneurs, actors, models, musicians, photographers, videographers, journalists, dancers, etc. Suitable for social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, CV, Books, CD, etc.

Feel free to bring a range of different options for clothing. The #1 rule for us is that you have to love it! If you don’t feel comfortable in it, you most likely won’t shoot well while wearing it. We suggest you bring a range of different cuts, colors, and necklines.

If you wear glasses and have multiple pairs, then we’d appreciate you bringing them along in order to ascertain their glare factor.

Makeup for the session is not required but is highly recommended for all women.

You will get color-corrected images for preview during 24H after the photoshoot, after you need to select favorites and they will go to the final retouching (skin, clothes, backdrop). How to select your favorite images for the final retouching? Look to the emotion, vibe, and pose. Lightning, color corrections, skin cleaning, backdrop cleaning/ expansion, and clothes color/cleaning are possible to change. As an option, we can add text, graphics, or anything you need to the image. Images have been taken on film, can only change skin and background cleaning.

After final retouching, within 14 days (depending on works), you will get a personal Google Drive or Lightroom link to a folder with all images on the web (for internet) and for printing (big jpg). If you want to print more than 30x45cm, let me know before the shoot. I will provide you with TIFF files, that are more suitable for printing.

Lifestyle/ Business


Location rent/ Outside
Transport in Tallinn
No wardrobe and make-up
60 minute photoshoot
30 digital files in signature edition
5 retouched digital files
Downloadable private online gallery during 30 days
Personal license
No hidden fees


Location scouting & Location rent
Transport at Harjumaa
Professional makeup and hair (up to 2 people)
Combined or Personal Wardrobe / Costume rent
120 minutes of photoshoot (up to 5 people)
Assistant & Second photographer
30 digital files in signature edition
5 Retouched files
Downloadable private online gallery during 60 days
Commercial license
No hidden fees

Conceptual session

“As we enter the realm of the Moon we come to a source of creativity: the world of the imagination and of dreams – a mysterious and intriguing realm that can ensnare us in delusion as well as inspire us with visions.”

All who need a creative portrait include creative and business people. We can create anything you want.

Photosession can last up to 7 hours – with make-up, changes of wardrobe and accessories, photoshoot, transport to the locations and back. Depending on the idea, wardrobe, and make-up difficulties, we can make only up to 2 characters/stories per day. More details and planning discuss at the personal consultation at the studio. Consultation includes Photoshoot preparation up to 4H, story & idea brainstorming, costume setup, and rehearsal, and location scouting.

Professional and creative make-up lasts up to 2 hours, depending on the character. The make-up artist will participate in the photoshoot.

Options for the wardrobe:

  1. Order personal costumes, headpieces, accessories, and what you can keep after the photoshoot.
  2. Rent a costume from theatre Estonia or Drama or from other rent locations.
  3. Combine your wardrobe and mine.
  4. Use your wardrobe.

Digital Art

Preparation for the artwork is during the consultation, during the shoot, we focus on creating a creative composite and capturing the story of your character.

In the preparation/consultation I am focusing on the character creation, character emotions, storyline, make-up, wardrobe, accessories, location, mood, and sketches of the final artworks.

Digital artwork will be made 60 days after the photoshoot.

Preparation for the shoot can be up to 3 months before the shoot. So please order the creative portrait at least 2 months before you want it, cause good production needs time.

NB! Currently unavailable!



Location in the nature
Team transport at Harjumaa
Combined Wardrobe
Make-up and hair for 1 person
Photosession up to 2 hours
30 signature edited files in JPG
5 retouched digital files in JPG
Downloadable private online gallery during 2 months
Personal license
No hidden fees
Digital Art


Consultation (Photoshoot preparation up to 4H)
Location scouting & Location rent
Team transport at Estonia
Costume rent or Costume design*
Professional make-up and hair/ Special Effects/ FX Grime
Photosession up to 4 hours
Assistant/ Documentary photographer
Videographer during 3 hours
Video up to 3 minutes with composed music
30 film files with color correction
2 digital artwork and retouched images I used in artworks
Downloadable private online gallery during 2 months
Original files in ARW
Personal USB with all files
1 framed print 50x70cm
Unlimited Usage Rights
No hidden fees

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