The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
I'm reading this book already more than a year. Good language, but a lot of to consider about. Also a lot of challenges, tables and exercises. 
So far the best book what is in summary show you how to became effeective and win your laziness :)
I bought it here
Amazon (Link)
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: 
A practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams

Very thin. You can read it in a week or also a day, but I recommend to read one chapter a day. 
So you can feed your brain longer with a good information and you need time to re-build yourself.
I bought it here (Bookdepository)
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Feck Perfuction: Dangerous Ides on the Business of Life
I read it then I was walking, in the bus, at home. I think it was also a week or so, but! If you have watched James Vitore Youtube channel, it's the same. I read it anyway, cause it's so good. 
I reccomend you to watch His Youtube too. Him is like Sue Bryce. Must watch before you start your own company. 
This book had seen my tears and laught on the streets :)
I bought it here
Amazon (Link)
The Science of Getting Rich
Free PDF. (Link) Read this one at the end!
Written at the year of 1910, but still the most powefull book I ever read. It's a monster, but if you don't believe in anything, then you may encounter some troubles to believe, but for me it was very easy, cause I already knew some from it.
Very very good and it's free!
I found it from Sue Bryce. Thank you Sue!
I have read some books (7-10 of Bo Yin Ra), but those too I recommend to read at the first place for people who are searching their road.
Maybe you find some speacial books only for you. The books what resonates with your innerself.
I want to read those too, but If you read them before me please share your experience with those books!

The will to Believe (This one is awaiting his time. I have it, if you want to read it. Just write me)
Hope you have a good week!
20 of march 2021
It's my wishlist.
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